Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas do you offer Services?

Currently, our service area includes the Texas Hill Country and sorrounding areas, where we cater to residential clients. 

How much does it cost to build or remodel?

At this stage, it’s challenging to specify the new build or remodeling cost. That’s because each project requires an initial understanding of size, scope, building techniques, details and finishes to be able to outline accurate costs and determine the proper budget. There are hundreds of variables at play affecting cost when designing and building a new home and as a result, we work closely with you from the start to determine how to get the most out of your budget. Therefore, we recommend connecting with us for complete project scope, including budget and delivery time. 

How do you handle communication during the project?

When you entrust us with the job, We will provide a full estimate, including a realistic schedule for completion. Along with regularly scheduled construction meetings to keep you updated on the progress, personal email and phone communication are available at all times. 

Do I need to buy land before contacting you for a custom build?

No, that’s not necessary. In fact, SilverBack Builders can assist you with the type, size, and design of your future home for a well-informed decision. This way, you can buy your preferred piece of land with confidence. 

When can I expect my project to be completed?

Again, it depends on your project. Although a typical custom home build can take eight months or up to a year or more, situations such as bad weather or design complexities can affect the timeline. 

What size homes do you build?

We don’t necessarily have a square footage minimum or maximum, at SilverBack Builders we build to suit your needs and budget.